New craft hobby – weaving

So I started in the local education centers weaving group couple of weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to learn how to use the loom and weave rugs and other stuff. Didn’t actually even think how wide are the possibilities, until I started searching through stuff around internet.

But, I will start from the basics: how to make a warp in to looms (and please, correct me if the vocabulary I use is wrong) and how to weave a rug. Last week helped couple of ladies to make a warp in their rugs, and this week is turn to make a warp for my rug!


Already bought the weft for the rug, orange and brown tricot weft and from the weaving room, since they have loads of leftover fabric wefts there. So gonna be orange, brown white rug! Can’t wait until wednesday, so I can make the warp and next week finally start weaving!


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