From failure to beauty

A year ago, I had already tried spinning with my old Finnish Kiikkalainen spinning wheel. As I’ve already told you, that didn’t work out…

After that, I’ve been learning to spin with spindles and my Ashford Joy2 spinning wheel and gotta say, finally I got the result I actually wanted! Still far from perfect but already pretty, usable yarn coming out of my wheel.

Last year I also got into dyeing. On October, I dyed first time with Jacquard acid dyes and first attempt wasn’t as successful as I hoped. The green didn’t turn out green, but yellow, and I didn’t like to roving at all. It was hanging on my craft shelf waiting for something.


That something came this year: Stashdown 2017 Wheel Edition! I decided that it was time to use that roving in this project so it was the first one I spun with the wheel. And it actually turned out really nice! Colors blended nicely together and made a little fractal look when the colors didn’t match up while plying. But I’m really satisfied of the results.


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