Dotted Rays, Autumn version

So. As I’ve told in my previous post about the Stephen West pattern Dotted Rays, that I fell in love with the pattern immediately. So, after I finished the first one, I couldn’t help but thinking about starting a second one.

It took a while for me to choose the right yarn for my project. I was supposed to dye and spin some wool for the next Dotted Rays, but I didn’t have time to do it yet. So, since there’s the Merino Mania going on with Drops yarns, I went to my favorite yarn shop Liljan Lankakauppa to get some nice Merino yarn for the Kalevala CAL blanket and at the same time, I wanted to see if I can find something nice and soft for my next wrap.


Pauliina, the shop owner, asked me if I’ve already seen the new yarn called Drops Nord and it felt so soft and nice, that I just had to get that yarn for the wrap. I chose more autumn colors than last time, and wanted to separate the color stripes with some color. Again I decided to go on with 3 colors and 4th would be the stripe between the bigger color section.

And I had to start knitting the wrap immediately after I got back home from the shop. The yarn is easy to knit and runs nicely from the skeins. Nothing to complain about it! Love the colors and even I hesitated about putting the light grey sections between the earthy colors at first, those stripes grew on me and I like the look of the wrap. Can’t wait to finish it, and start wearing it!


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