I’ve been wanting to challenge myself in spinning for few months now. I was planning to have my own “spinning marathon” and try to spin as much as possible in one weekend.

But while I was still in my planning phase, I saw an advert about BritSpin. Just what I needed! Spinning marathon for 4 days, starting on 11th of October! I don’t have to spin “alone”!

Sooner than I imagined, I was a captain of a team, and recruiting Finnish spinners to my team. Luckily Finnish spinners were eager to join, and we had full team really quickly.

Yesterday I got fleece, which I’ve planned to spin on BritSpin. I ordered Border Leicester wool straight from breeder in UK. The delivery was very fast and I really love how the wool looks like! Can’t wait until October to spin it! Meanwhile, I’m dividing it to bundles for washing and combing.



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