Sacred Space

It’s been a long while since I’ve last updated my blog. I’ve been super busy with my life and as I don’t have computer at home, writing to the blog is really slow with cell phone.

Last year, when I resigned from the company, where I worked for nearly 8 years, my colleagues bought me a gift card to my favorite yarn store. It was big enough for me to use in something bigger. So I wanted to spend it to something special, not just random skeins of yarn or something like that.

While the expiration date was coming closer and closer and I was still undecided what to buy with it, I started seeing more and more photos of this beautiful CAL Helen Shrimpton had yet designed.

The Sacred Space is beautiful blanket, consisting of 9 parts and the CAL started in July 2019. There are great videos to help crocheting this, in case you find it difficult to crochet just with the written instructions. Though in this pattern, the written instructions are really clear and easy to follow!

Me in my wedding dress

So, I used my gift card to purchase 50 skeins of Drops Cotton Merino. I just love this yarn, so soft and nice to work with. I chose the colors according to my wedding dress, which was 50’s inspired flower dress. I chose greens with pinks, and base color is white, just as in my wedding dress!

I’ve started Mandala Madness couple of years ago, but it’s still unfinished as I found the pattern quite hard for my skills. I hadn’t crocheted that much from written pattern before, but this time, I found that really easy. I’ve only had to look small pieces from the videos so far, which I great, as it’s faster to crochet straight from the written pattern.

Part 1 was finished yesterday, and gotta say, I just love it!! Can’t wait to start part 2 today!

One thought on “Sacred Space

  1. I am really trying to make this for my daughter as she would love it. But I am really struggling to picture where/ how the stitches go. Is there a chart at all? Thank you


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