It’s been years since I’ve last knit a sweater. Around 20 years, I would say. But I have been dreaming of knitting Icelandic style sweater, with beautiful, colorful yoke and warm yarn.

So finally I had money to buy suitable yarn, which of course is Icelandic, Istex Lettlopi. It’s made from Icelandic sheep, which has unique wool. It has longer outer coat which protects against wind and rain and softer inner coat, which warms very well. The yarn is made out of unspun roving consisting of the whole fleece, and in lettlopi, there’s two strands of roving lightly spun together. It is really easy to knit and I really liked the texture of the finished product.

I still wanted to root for Finnish handcrafts and chose the Finnish designer Maaru Moilanen‘s Tindur (can be found from Maarun villapaidat 2 book). as my first Icelandic style pattern. It was really easy to knit and I love the outcome! It is very warm and feels really great outside! I have only used it once so far, so can’t tell much more about the quality or the durability.

This took only 2,5 weeks to finish, so it was very quick project even it’s a sweater! I’m already ordering yarn for my husbands sweater and my two son’s will follow!

Now I’m ready for our hiking and camping trips in cold Finnish summer as well as winter outdoor trips!

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