Lately I’ve fell in love with spinning technique called POF-ing (POF stands for ply on fly), meaning that once you finish spinning the fiber, you get already plied yarn out of spindle.

Yes, I’ve been doing this with spindle, don’t know if it’s even possible to do with the spinning wheel, but I use my turkish spindles for this technique.


It feels quite slow, you don’t see that much progress, but actually I think it’s faster than first spinning the singles and then plying those. I learned to collect the single around the shaft of the spindle, and from the shaft as butterfly around my fingers, which makes it really easy to ply. Below, you can find links to videos that helped me, thanks to Spinning Sara for making those!


Both of these projects are still unfinished, but I’m not in a hurry with those so I just enjoy the ride!

Tutorial videos:

Temporary cop on a Turkish Spindle

Making a butterfly for your singles